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About Jack

Not your average teen

Jack discovered his passion for upcycling in September 2020, shortly after his 12th birthday, after helping his Mum paint their front door. 

Jack found the task to be very therapeutic and asked to paint some furniture too, and his upcycling journey began. 

Jack is Autistic and also diagnosed ADHD and Dyslexia. At first, Jack was uncertain whether to disclose his conditions. However, in doing so, he has been pleased to see so many people reach out and state how it has either inspired them or their loved ones. 

The calm environment and problem solving along the way, as well as sparking his creativity has spurred on Jacks passion and goal to one day own his own Jacked Junk shop, with showroom and space for workshops, employing other autistic people in the business. This is something he is especially passionate about in knowing that statistically, only 16% of autistic adults in the UK are in full time employment. This again inspires Jack to raise awareness of autism to provide a better understanding in others.

Through social media, Jack has built a strong platform of followers and partnerships with brands such as Cornish Milk Mineral Paint and On A Budget, with many exciting developments in the pipeline for the future. 

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