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Bioclean by Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

Bioclean by Cornish Milk Mineral Paint


Bioclean is our environmentally-friendly plant based furniture and hard surface cleaner which powerfully removes dirt, grease, grime and odours such as tobacco. 

Bioclean is suitable for use on furniture, worktops, floors, walls, tiles, linoleum, plastic and all other non-porous surfaces. As well as being a powerful cleaner, Bioclean will remove old and stubborn stains from all the surfaces listed above, making this an all-in-one preparation cleaner for upcycling enthusiasts and everyday home cleaning. 
Removes the toughest of stains, dirt, grease, wax and grime.
Removes odours from old tobacco smoke and other nasty odours.
Environmentally/Biodegradable formula, solvent free, VOC free, cruelty free and contains no bleach, chemicals or toxins found in traditional cleaners.
Made from 100% plant based ingredients, main source being organic olives.
Non Flammable, Non-Caustic and pH neutral.
Bioclean comes as a readymade cleaning solution, supplied in our refill and recyclable pouches

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