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Biostrip by Cornish Milk Mineral Paint

Biostrip by Cornish Milk Mineral Paint


Biostrip is our environmentally-friendly paint, varnish and wax stripper. 
Our unique formula has been developed from 100% plant based ingredients and has not been made with any earth/health damaging chemicals or toxins which you find in traditional paint strippers. Biostrip is VOC free and has industrial strength stripping abilities. Biostrip’s thick formula means when used, the formula will not drip off your surface.
Biostrip will remove and strip away all water & oil based coatings, varnishes, primers and waxes from furniture, woods, stone, brick, concrete, plastered surfaces, plastic and many more surfaces. 
    * Water based paint stripper, less volatile, produces no dangerous fumes.
    * Can be used if you suffer from health issues such as asthma.
    * Environmentally-Friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable & non-caustic.
    * Superior thick formula which can be painted on vertical surfaces.
    * Easy to use formula, with strong stripping abilities.
    * Can be used indoors and outdoors - even in small unventilated areas as our unique formula will not produce any health damaging fumes. 
A 500ml pouch of Biostrip will remove up to 3 meters squared surface of paint and a one litre pouch will remove 6 meters squared surface of paint. 

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