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WoodUBend 2108 Pediment - Single piece - 21.2x6.1cm

WoodUBend 2108 Pediment - Single piece - 21.2x6.1cm


Enhance your furniture and home decor with WoodUBend mouldings. 

WoodUbend mouldings are a versatile product made from a wood pulp mix, making them totally eco-friendly. 

Mouldings can be used to make a unique design and adapted to all shapes of furniture, including curving around corners. By applying warm air to the moulding (can be done with a hairdryer or heat gun) the mouldings become flexible and can then be adhered to contoured surfaces with wood glue. Whilst warm, the mouldings can be easily cut to size with a crafting knife.

Once they are cool, the mouldings can then be treated just the same as real wood - they can be painted, stained, sanded and even drilled.

Perfect for:
Enhancing Furniture, Door Trims, Wood, Glass, MDF, Upcycling Products and as a gift for those who love to Upcycle.

Care Instructions:
Mouldings can be fragile prior to heating, handle with care when unwrapping.

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